Atelier Maracuja - artist Athena van Dongen




Personal Project - "Unearthing My Past" - Update 2018

My personal project has taken me on a long and sometimes complicated journey exploring my own identity. Clay has woven its way with words, cloth, paper and movement, all working together leading to one central point and destination of understanding. I am currently working on some final pieces after which I hope to be able to curate the work for an exhibition in the autumn of 2019.

“Ferrink Firing”

After experimenting with Ferric Chloride, ink, metal bins and above ground pits, I have found yet another way of achieving alternative finishes which complements the work I am currently making for a personal project - “Unearthing My Past”.

I have named this technique “Ferrink Firing”. I am currently experimenting with different coloured inks and clays for varied effects.


Ferrink Firing Workshop
Ferrink Firing Workshop